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This app is for any one that uses a gun.  Whether they are a sports shooter, a hobbyist, or a professional ie – Law Enforcement/Military, Shooters Log will keep track of your performance in an instant.

Shooters Log was designed out of frustration that there had to be a better way of recording your shot info. The original concept for the app came from a currently serving police sniper.  “The idea for the app came to me while I was changing targets.  By the time I went back to my gun, I had the app mapped out in my head.”

Drawing on his own experience and those he works with, Shooters Log has been carefully developed to meet the needs of all types of shooters while being incredibly easy to use. “It has to be easy to use.  I don’t want to be at the range, spending more time with my phone then my gun. That’s not what I’m there for.”

“I was then lucky enough to find a partner who could take the project from the drawing board to what’s in your hand today.”  That led to the formation of Precision Tactical Solutions.  PTS was created out of the love of shooting with the philosophy of helping shooters achieve their best.

Please send us an email and let us know where you are using the app, who is using it and any feed back that could make this product better for you.


Precision Tactical Solutions

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