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Frequently Asked Questions (If you do not find what your looking for, please contact us here)

How much does the app cost?
The app costs $4.99. Logbooks cost roughly $100+ and are a pain to carry anywhere you go. Your paying a fraction of the cost to have Shooters Log directly on your phone with you 24/7 365 days a year.

Does Shooters Log support other languages?
At this very moment, Shooters Log supports only English. If you wish to suggest it in a different language, please contact us here

What platforms is Shooters Log available?
Currently just for the iPhone/iPod TOuch and Apple products that support downloads from the APP store. We are in the works for a Android version.

How do I use the Shooters Log app?
It’s very easy to use! Watch our demo video here

How do I delete a log entry?
Very easy! Click the log you want to delete and scroll to the bottom *passed the question details* and you will notice a red DELETE icon, click that. You can also delete logs in the list view by swiping your finger and a DELETE icon will show

I know what Target is, but what’s CCB (Clean cold barrel shot) and DCB (Dirty cold barrel shot)?
CCB shot is the first shot taken after a gun has been cleaned and the barrel of the gun is cold. DCB is a shot taken from a gun where the gun has not been cleaned since the last time it was fired but the barrel is cold.

How do I duplicate info from the first shot I took to the next one?
It happens automatically! Anything you input in the first log of the day will carry over to the next “New Log” in the same day to avoid inputting roughly almost the same data. The app resets after 24 hours back to default.

What is the best way to capture photo’s?
We highly recommend that you keep your phone upright (vertical) to capture targets for better user experience

What happens if we lose our Logs when backing up our phone or if we loose our phone?
We suggest that EACH time you record a log that you export it to your e-mail address in case of any lost records. We also HIGHLY recommend that you backup your phone every time you use the app.

What is the POINT OF AIM option, and do I have to set it?
It is the point of a target at which the shooter is focused on and wishes the rounds to go. You do not need to set the point of aim unless you want too.

How does Exporting my log work?
You can export individual Logs or Logs per day. When you open up a log that is saved, the export button is beside (to the left) of the “done” button on the top right. If you wish to export all Logs by date, click on calendar, scroll to the specific day and then choose the export icon at top right of screen to export all the Logs for that specific day.

The app crashed on my device, OR isn’t logging shots, OR experiencing problems?
Most likely it was either the phone itself (too many programs being loaded), a hardware issue with your phone or a unexpected crash of the app (it happens!). If you continuously find that the app crashes or making funky errors, try rebooting the phone.

Why is Shooters Log different from any other similar smart-phone apps out there?
We guarantee you will be able to use this app without ANY hassle or confusion. Very straight forward. Shooters Log is the ONLY app that allows you to export your logs (including the photo) to an e-mail of your choice. Record keeping is very important, which is why we offer PDF format with photo for archiving.

Do real Police, Military and Sport Shooters use this app?
This app is designed by a Police Sniper ! It is reviewed and approved by professional Sport Shooters and snipers worldwide. This app is not only designed for snipers, it can be used for any shooter who would like to improve their shooting accuracy and ability. It allows you to keep a log and compare your shots from one date to another.

I represent a service (Police, Army or other). How can I purchase multiple licenses and receive a discount?
We welcome any and all services choosing to trust our services for their members. Contact us here for special discounts on multiple licenses.

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