How to use Shooters Log on your phone

Part One – General overview of the app

Part two – Using the settings

Simple Instructions:

1. When you open the app, we suggest the first thing to do is click “Settings” and pre-define your firearms. The firearms are the weapons that you own or mostly use when shooting targets. Comb through the settings to ensure that you set everything you want to set like the temperature and password protecting your app so that others cant open it.

2. Click the “Main” tab on the menu below and click “New Log” to start recording your target. When you click “New Log” the camera is enabled, this allows you to snap a full res photo of the target you shot. (Once you save the log, you cannot replace the photo. At the point of snapping the photo in the first step, you have a choice to “Retake” or to “Use”) When you click “Use”, wait a few seconds so that the questionnaire loads. The app auto date stamps the log entry and re-sizes the photo. If you wish to set a “POINT OF AIM” (see FAQ if you don’t know what this is), you can do so by clicking on the thumbnail. When you click on the thumbnail, it shows the photo enlarged. In this section, you can add your POINT OF AIM or zoom in to view the photo up close.

3. We highly recommend that you do not forget to fill out the form to the best of your knowledge. Recording the number of shots fired, selecting the weapon you used, distance, temperature, weather etc will save and carry over to the next target you shoot in the same day to avoid inputting the values again. The form will default back to normal after every 24 hours. (Meaning that if you shoot 5 targets in one day, the form will auto-fill with the same values you included in the previous one to avoid re-entering the same data. After 24 hours, the form will default back to empty to accommodate a new day)

4. Once you press “Done”, the log is now stored into your phone! You can view the log by accessing it through multiple sections (Calendar, Log list view, by weapon, keyword etc.) You have the ability to edit any log you wish.

5. One of the neat features is the export option. We carefully constructed the export option to save on PDF along with the photo you shot and the information beside it. This is done by clicking the box-arrow at the top of the log (when your in Log view). You have two options, 1) Export PDF(s) or 2) Show PDF.

We are constantly working to improve this app. If you have any suggestions for features or other, contact us here


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